Molded pulp is the future of packaging

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What is molded pulp?

Molded pulp is an environmentally friendly, reusable and sustainable renewable packaging material. It is often made from newspapers and other recycled materials and is often used as protective packaging in businesses and farms around the world. You may know molded pulp as an egg carton or snack drink carrier, but it's useful for much more than that. All walks of life have begun to embrace pulp molded packaging. Such as electronics industry, biomedical industry, nourishing products, etc.



Benefits of switching to molded pulp

Molded pulp outperforms other packaging solutions in terms of durability and price. It breaks down naturally in the environment, which is why it is popular in the agricultural industry. These are the most important factors to maintain in a packaging solution. Aavid creates custom wear-resistant packaging for businesses looking to save money, time, space and the environment.



The future of molded pulp

As the years go by, it becomes more important to take steps to reduce the negative impact of businesses on the planet. Consumers are rejecting plastic-containing products now more than ever. Businesses need to prepare and create an eco-friendly business as it becomes more and more important to consumers. In the coming years, we expect to see further development of molded pulp as technology and manufacturing advance. We are excited to see where the future of moulded pulp in packaging takes us.

It's time to get your business into eco-friendly packaging.