Advantages of bagasse pulping

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Bagasse is a by-product of sugar mills and a typical raw material for paper fibers. Sugarcane is a stem-like plant fiber material that can grow in one year. The average fiber length is 1.47-3.04mm, and the bagasse fiber length is 1.0-2.34mm, which is similar to the broad-leaved fiber. The desizing bagasse is a good raw material for papermaking.

Bagasse is a grass fiber. It is easy to cook and blanch. It consumes less chemicals and contains less silicon than wood, but lower than other grass fiber feedstocks. Therefore, bagasse pulping and alkali recovery technology and equipment are more mature and simpler than other straw fiber raw materials. So bagasse is a cheaper raw material for pulping.

Businesses need to utilize renewable resources quickly. Bagasse uses lower energy-related emissions, which help reduce global warming. It requires less energy to manufacture because it's just the fiber left over from sugar processing.