Why is pulp molding so popular?

Release time: 2022-05-07    Time visited:1522

I believe everyone is familiar with pulp molding. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging product, also known as paper tray. Because it can be recycled and reused continuously, it is not harmful to nature, and it is favored by customers and friends. Today, HTA will tell you about the advantages of pulp molding.

    1. The pulp molding technology is simple and practical, and the production process is basically pollution-free, which meets the requirements of clean production. In addition, in each process of the production line, except for the high quality requirements of the personnel in the automatic control system management, the rest are all skilled skills, which can be mastered and used after short-term training, and the high degree of localization of its equipment is very conducive to the popularization of this project. Promotion, which is also a convenient condition for quickly exerting the environmental advantages of pulp molded products.

    2. Wide source of raw materials and low cost. It mainly uses bagasse, bamboo slag, waste paper or annual herb fiber pulp. And raw material production is very fast.

    3. It has good shock resistance and cushioning properties, and uses the suspension method to produce excellent adsorption, which can effectively protect the product from damage during transportation.

    4. Light weight, low recycling cost, and can be used repeatedly.

    5. Good protection, interchangeability and decoration performance.

    6. From production and use to waste disposal, no pollution to the environment, less water consumption in the production process, no waste water discharge, reducing environmental pollution.

    7. Good air permeability, which has unique benefits for the packaging of fresh products.

    8. Modern production technology can realize high-speed, automated mass production.

    9. Pulp molding products have good water absorption, hydrophobicity and heat insulation. When pulping, various additives can be added according to customer requirements to make the product resistant to acid, alkali, sunlight, water, oil, leakage and deformation.

    10. Compared with traditional packaging materials, such as styrofoam (EPS), EPE foam, etc., the volume is small, and it can be stacked and stored, saving stacking space and transportation costs.

    11. According to the different requirements of users, the surface quality, color, graphics and other appearance elements of the product can be post-processed to meet the needs of product display.