Molding pulp - environmental protection and high-end counterparts

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What is Molded Pulp Packaging?

Molding Pulp, as the name suggests, has two important components, pulp and molding, that is, raw materials and molds. With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection, this industry has also made great strides in recent years and has quickly become the new darling of various industries. As a consumable product, packaging puts a huge pressure on the environment. This kind of packaging made of fully degradable materials can naturally degrade compost in a very short time, truly achieving zero pressure on the environment.

Most of the packaging raw materials for pulp molding are plant fibers, such as sugarcane pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, etc. At the same time, discarded cardboard boxes can also be used as raw materials. Mix the raw materials with clean water, use a beating machine to form slurry, and control its pH value and concentration, and transfer the adjusted slurry to the mold for thermoforming, that is, the paper volume and the fibers in the pulp are placed on the mesh mold. filtration dehydration process. The pulp molded product has been formed and pressed, and about 98% of the water has been removed, and the density and smoothness of the product are the best.

Compared with traditional packaging, pulp molding packaging has four major advantages: raw materials are pure natural and degradable; the production process is completed by pulping, adsorption molding, drying and characterization, which is harmless to the environment; the volume is smaller than that of foamed plastic, It can be overlapped and the transportation is convenient.

What kind of products are suitable for pulp molding packaging?

At present, in addition to being used for lunch boxes and tableware, pulp molding is also widely used in industrial buffer packaging. This type of packaging does not require high precision and aesthetics, and it is mainly dry-pressed products. At present, the packaging of many retail products is also transforming to degradable packaging, such as 3C accessories packaging, food packaging, etc. For products with gift attributes, high-end environmentally friendly pulp molded packaging is nothing more than a better choice, such as tea, moon cakes, rice, skin care product sets, etc. In addition, electric toothbrushes, underwear and other daily necessities are also very suitable for using this type of packaging. The consumption of these packagings is huge, and the cartons made by traditional craftsmanship will cause irreversible damage to the environment.


Why choose HTA Environmental?

HTA is environmentally friendly. In the past ten years, it has been committed to developing unique pulp molding packaging for various industries. The key development areas are consumer electronics, such as earphones, data cables, mobile phone cases, etc., food gift box sets, such as Tea, moon cakes, wine packaging, etc., in the field of beauty care products, such as skin care product sets, lipsticks, etc.

As the leader of plant fiber molded packaging, HTA Environmental Protection can provide you with the most professional structural engineers from the initial stage of packaging research and development to help you choose the best product for your product in the initial design stage. packaging solutions. Secondly, HTA Environmental Protection has been continuously making breakthroughs in technology. In terms of machinery and equipment, all our equipment is fully automatic and integrated. The demolding time is reduced to less than 50 seconds, and the output can be greatly improved. Daily The production capacity can reach more than 30K sets of products. Secondly, the technical barriers that have always existed in the pulp molding industry have also been overcome by HTA, that is, 90-degree zero draft, and truly achieve the best price and best quality.

HTA Environmental Protection will provide you with one-stop service from design to mass production and shipment, and choose the most competitive pulp molding packaging for your products!